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About me

Hi, I’m Helen and I’m a registered integrative therapist in the UK with a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling from Regent’s University, London and am a member of the BACP. I also hold a certificate as a Clinical Trauma Practitioner.

I see therapy as a place where you can come to make sense of what is affecting you and start to explore your feelings in a space that feels comfortable, non-judgemental & safe. My approach opens up a way for you to start to understand yourself at a deeper level, as well as those around you, so that you can begin to find a way to be in the world that feels more authentic to you.

Sadly, life doesn’t always make sense and certainly isn’t fair but, together with you, I aim to create a space where you can find a sense of understanding of what you may be experiencing & help you find ways to move forward where you may have previously felt lost. I have a deep passion for helping you see your worth as well as helping you hold the value that you matter too.

How I work

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As an integrative therapist, I draw on humanistic, person centred and psychodynamic approaches as well as pulling in somatic & cutting edge neuroscience theories to underpin my approach. I work very holistically and see therapy as an art form. Each client brings a new energy to the room so my approach adapts, accordingly.

In addition to my chosen modalities of work, I believe the therapeutic relationship to be one of the most important elements of therapy so building connection and trust through holding space for you are central themes of my work also.

I offer therapy over zoom and the areas I specialise in, but not exclusively, are anxiety, attachment, complex trauma, couples therapy, depression, grief, PTSD, relationship issues, self-work and stress.

If you would like to consider working with me please do send me an email.

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